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At NeuroScience & TMS Treatment Centers, we are here for you. We believe in empowering our patients with the tools they need to help them live their best lives. As part of our commitment to patient-centered care, we provide convenient access to helpful information and resources. Learn more about our accepted insurances and policies, find the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions, pay your bill online, and more.

Insurance Plans

Our services are covered by several insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Anthem, Optum, UMR, and more. Other insurance plans that may cover out-of-network benefits and single-case agreements include Tricare, Bright HealthCare, Beacon, and Humana. Insurance plans and coverage change frequently.
If yours is not included on this list, our services may still be covered. Please contact us or your insurance company to confirm. For more information, please reference our New Patient FAQ.

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Patient Policies

To view our Office Policies, Privacy Policy, and Insurance and Payment Policy, please select the menu item below:

The NeuroScience & TMS Treatment Center is a full service clinic offering Psychiatric Consultation,
Individual Evaluations, Follow up appointments, and treatment with medication, individual, couples, and
family psychotherapy as well as specific Interventional Psychiatric treatments (TMS, Esketamine, and
VNS) at many locations in Middle Tennessee. In addition, we have Comprehensive Team Evaluations
with our therapy division called Nashville Center for Hope & Healing.
We work to help all patients get well. We want to be transparent about the policies so patients
understand how the NeuroScience & TMS Treatment Center clinicians and the Nashville Center for
Hope & Healing therapists work. Please read all the policies. In this document, the word “patient”
refers to the person receiving care or the parent or guardian, when appropriate.
These policies are valid for all the NeuroScience & TMS Treatment Center locations as well as the
Nashville Center for Hope & Healing therapy division. We may update our policies as may be necessary;
continued use of our services after an update constitutes consent to the updated policies to the extent
permitted by law.
(NeuroScience & TMS Treatment Center - Office Policies v1.1 updated 3-23-2023)
1.1. HOURS
Regular office hours are by appointment only.
We have implemented an illness policy in the office to keep patients and their
families, our families, and all employees and patients in our clinic free of illness.
Please notify us at before coming into the offices if
patients have any contagious illness, or have a fever, cough, or any shortness of
breath. If patients have these symptoms or have been around anyone who has had
a serious viral illness, patients should consider staying at home to avoid spreading
the infection.
We offer virtual visits for patient care if one can not attend an appointment in
As a courtesy, our electronic medical record provides appointment reminders via
email or text as approved by the patient. These reminders (electronic or phone) are
not guaranteed and not receiving a reminder is NOT a reason to avoid paying for a
missed or canceled appointment. These reminders may be incorrect, for instance,
if patients know that an appointment is scheduled as virtual and the reminder says
the appointment is at the office, the appointment may still be virtual.
Our Physicians, clinicians, and therapists may communicate via a video or audio format like, Zoom, Skype, Google Video, 3CX video or audio, or another telephone line. A
patient, who chooses to use this form of communication, agrees and understands that this
form of communication has substantial and inherent security risks and hereby allows such
These virtual appointments will be billed as face to face appointments. If a patient does
not approve of this form of communication, then the patient must refuse such forms of
communication and give us notification as such in writing. Face-to-face visits offer the only,
more secure alternative to virtual visits.
Virtual appointments with clinicians must comply with state and local laws, and with the
insurance coverage for the clinic. Patients will be required to be within Tennessee in order
to be seen by a prescriber (psychiatrists, nurse practitioner). Most insurance companies
cover charges for virtual visits in the same way that they do for face-to-face visits; check
with the insurance policy that covers the patient’s care for details. If patients fail to honor
the Virtual appointment policy, an appointment could be terminated by the prescribing
clinician. In this case, patients will be responsible for the full cost of the appointment;
insurance will not cover these costs. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO THERAPISTS. Because
therapists are covered by different licensing boards and malpractice coverage, they are
allowed to see patients who are not in Tennessee.
If patients have chosen to move outside of Tennessee, they will need to make sure that
they will be in Tennessee for virtual appointments or come to see the physician, or clinician
face to face, if patients intend to continue care in our office. If patients do not plan to
return to our state, they will need to make arrangements to get prescriptions in the state
where they are presently living.
Physicians, Clinicians, and therapists in the office make efforts to see patients at their
appointment time. Situations do arise where additional time is needed to address a
specific need with someone; this extra time added to an appointment can cause a
physician, clinician, or therapist to get behind in their schedule. This extra time will be
charged per our policies in SECTION 3.2.
Office staff employees typically answer telephones from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through
Friday. We do not ask our employees to work on Federal Holidays, but at times, the clinic
may have appointments on these days.
If staff are assisting other patients OR if a patient calls after hours or during the lunch hour,
the call will go directly to voicemail. Staff check and respond to voicemails regularly
during office hours.
If considered appropriate by the clinician, telephone calls can be scheduled with
prescribing clinicians and therapists and will be billed as virtual appointments.
If a patient has an emergency and needs to speak with a physician, clinician, or therapist
during or after office hours, charges will apply, (see Section 3.8.4).
1.7. HIPAA COMPLIANT TEXT LINE - 615.551.5853
We have a secure, HIPAA Compliant Text Line which patients, and potential patients can
use to communicate with staff during their working hours, 9-4pm (Monday thru Friday),
except federal or observed federal holidays). Generally staff do not communicate during
the lunch hour (12 -1 PM).
Physicians, Clinicians & Therapists may send patient information from an appointment via
this secure text line 615-551-5853; things that might be sent include: links for virtual visits,
confirmation of refills, educational information or links. Our on-call clinicians may use a
second text line 615-882-4480. Do NOT accept any other text lines regarding care from
our clinic. The Clinicians & Therapists can access the Secure text line, but these clinicians
and therapists do not monitor the text line; only staff monitor the text line.
The text line is not meant to be used as immediate access to a clinician or therapist.
The text line can not take the place of a visit with a Physician, Clinician or Therapist.
Important private information shared via this text line is shared with all staff and clinicians
in the office.
Urgent or Emergent issues should be handled with a phone call or emergent page to the
clinician on call.
As a potential patient or patient, please consider text messages, like emails to our office.
This is another way to communicate with staff to reschedule appointments, schedule
appointments, ask a non-clinical question, etc. All clinicians can see these communications
and these communications can be included as part of the patient electronic medical
1.8. EMAIL
We only use email from the domain name,, or We use email for administrative purposes, like billing, receipts,
scheduling, and patient feedback. Please DO NOT accept any emails from other domains
regarding care from our clinic.
Patients, family members, and patients understand that using email has some inherent
security risks.
Also to prevent email communication, notify our office in writing and do not supply an
email to us, do not email us. If a patient originates an email to us, then they, therefore,
give us permission to communicate with them via email.
Please do not use email for urgent or complicated issues that should be properly
addressed via a consultation or at minimum a scheduled phone call to the office staff and
If a patient emails clinical questions, staff will direct the concern to the physician, nurse
practitioner, or therapist who is the primary treater. While a physician, clinician, or
therapist may communicate the answer via staff within the day, generally 24 hours is
necessary for them to respond to the inquiry. Physicians, Clinicians, and therapists
responding to email may charge for their time, at a prorated hourly rate; this email
communication with a physician, clinician, or therapist will likely be a non-insurance
covered charge.
If the email concern is urgent or concerning (side effects from medications, serious
behavioral problems or symptoms) tell the staff that there is need for an emergent or
urgent phone call, or appointment.
Staff and professionals are encouraged to avoid personal virtual relationships via social
media (e.g. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn) with patients.
Requests to friend a clinician will not be honored in order to respect professional
Patient privacy and confidentiality will be respected at all levels of communication and is
protected by the Federal and State Laws. There are, however, situations in which
confidentiality may be compromised and the provider’s professional and legal duty to
protect may override the dictates of confidentiality. Briefly, these situations may include a
strong indication of imminent danger to self or others or indication of abuse or neglect of
Following the execution of a valid Authorization for Release of Information, patient
records, or a treatment summary will be forwarded to licensed professionals at no charge
as a professional courtesy.
While all patients are entitled to their medical records, requests to release mental health
protected private records to any other entity (including attorneys, underwriting companies,
etc. including copies to the patient themself) will be billed at the actual cost of supplying
the records, to include cost of physician, clinician, or therapist and staff time to review,
copy, mail, and any additional professional time. When a request for records is received
staff will check with the clinician who is treating the patient to determine if the request is
valid. If there are concerns, someone will reach out to the patient to verify.
Any request for release of records must allow at least three weeks preparation time. The
typical charge for a copy of a patient's medical records is $50. Should the patient want to
review their entire medical record, this can be done together, in person, in an office
appointment; charges for the office appointment apply.
Patients under the age of 18 require consent from a parent or legal guardians to receive
medical services. Please discuss the concerns about the limits of confidentiality with the
physician, clinician, or therapist overseeing care, and read the Privacy (HIPAA) statement
on our website, or on file at the office.
With all minors, or wards, we must legally have at least one (1) parent/guardian present in
the office during the first appointment, and subsequent appointments unless otherwise
discussed with the clinician. The interview will include the parent for a portion of the time,
but we will also take some time to see the patient alone. Any testing or available I.E.P.
should be brought to the session or provided prior to the session for review.
If parents are divorced, both can attend if they choose; it is expected that divorced parents
will maintain calm conversation focused on the patient. If it is a volatile situation between
parents, it is better for one (1) parent to attend and the other to write a letter describing
their observations and concerns for the child. If divorced parents do not communicate
well, we alternatively suggest that the non-attending parent schedule a meeting with
providers either in-person or by phone after the initial evaluation is complete. This
encounter will be billed as either a consultation with a family member or as a regular
session depending on the time required and whether it is in-person or virtual. It is
acceptable for the child to attend that meeting, or not.
Screening, Pharmacogenetic Testing
Most lab results will be reviewed with the patient at the next scheduled visit, (unless there
is a more pressing need prior to the visit). A small clinical charge may be charged to review
the laboratory values when the results arrive in our office. The patient will be charged
based on the clinician’s time utilized at the clinician’s discretion per their prorated hourly
charge. In most cases, clinicians will attempt to wait and review the information during the
next patient appointment.
In some cases, because an appointment may not be scheduled for a significant time after
the lab results return, clinicians may decide to communicate the results to the patient
before the next appointment. These results can be sent via email, secure text, fax, and
Urine Drug Screening and Pharmacogenetic Testing may be medically necessary for some
patient’s care or treatment in the office. Laboratory collection fees may apply if we are
collecting and processing the specimen; a $30 fee to collect, process and record the
laboratory results will apply.
Medications called controlled substances are indicated in some psychiatric illnesses and
may be used by a clinician at the NeuroScience & TMS Treatment Center for a patient's
Shortages of controlled substance medications used for Attention Deficit disorder and
other conditions do occur. This is not a problem that our office can fix. Sometimes a local
and even a national shortage can occur. As we can not keep track of individual pharmacy
stock and because these medications are controlled by federal and local agencies, it is
best if the prescription is maintained at the pharmacy to which it was sent.
We understand that it can be scary not having medication, but not having a stimulant will
not cause dangerous symptoms.
Only in dire situations will a prescriber switch pharmacies once an electronic prescription
for a controlled substance is submitted to the pharmacy. Because this process of
switching a controlled substance is complicated, please note that patients may incur a
prescription refill outside of an office visit charge for changes to a pharmacy (up to $50).
Prescribers will determine this on a case by case basis.
There are effective non-controlled medications for ADHD that can be used for patients as
an alternative to stimulants.
Controlled substances can have an increased risk of dependence and/or addiction for
some people, therefore it is expected that each patient prescribed this medication will
review and sign a controlled substance agreement. Patients should not vary the dosage,
nor interval of these medications without authorization.
Failure to follow the agreement guideline, may result in my treatment being terminated.
Please contact our office directly if a deposition is necessary. We have a specific policy on
depositions for patients or former patients.
A deposit payment for the initial appointment is due prior to any scheduling.
The deposit is used to hold a visit in the office and will be applied toward any office
If the clinician is in-network with the patient’s insurance, we apply the deposit to the
co-pay, co-insurance, and/or deductible. The deposit will probably not cover the entire
patient cost for the appointment, but if the deposit does cover all the patient cost, then
any amount remaining can be refunded to the patient or payer or kept in the clinic for
future visits.
If the clinician is out-of-network, or the patient does not have insurance, the patient or the
parent/guardian will owe the remaining cost of the appointment.
Payment of copays, coinsurance, and deductibles are due at the time of service, regardless
of payment expectations with in-network insurance
The contract with an insurance company to pay for any portion of patient medical
care is between the patient and the patient insurance company. Many of our
physicians, and clinicians are “in-network” with insurance companies; this means
that they have contracted to accept a negotiated rate from the insurance company.
We strive to have all the physicians and clinicians in our clinic contracted with the
following insurance companies, this does not apply to the therapists:
● Blue Cross Blue Shield
● Anthem
● United Healthcare/ OPTUM/ Choice Plus
● Aetna
● Cigna
The clinic files insurance claims for in-network insurance only. If the patient
provides accurate insurance information (policy number, group number, subscriber
name, Date of birth and address) and the patient is covered, we will file in-network
claims and follow up on reimbursement.
If we are in-network with an insurance company and are contractually required to
obtain authorization for care (like TMS or Spraavato), we will attempt to obtain prior
authorization. As some insurance companies deny coverage even when prior
authorization criteria are met; if a patient wants to start any of these treatments
prior to authorization being received, a special financial agreement document will
need to be completed.
If the patient 1) certifies that they have insurance coverage, 2) assigns all insurance
benefits directly to the clinic, and 3) sees a physician or clinician who is a contracted
provider with the insurance, then we will file the insurance claims. It is the patient's
obligation to pay the copay, deductible, and any co-insurance due. If the patient’s
insurance company fails to reimburse because of non-coverage, the Patient is still
financially responsible for all charges. The Patient, hereby, authorizes the
NeuroScience & TMS Treatment Center to release all information necessary to
secure the payment of benefits. The Patient authorizes the use of this signature on
all insurance submissions.
Rarely, a patient may have an insurance card that is one that a clinician is in network
with but the patient’s coverage is actually managed by a third party administrator or
another carve-out entity for behavioral health benefits that we may not be
contracted with as “in-network.” If the insurance claim processes as out-of-network,
the patient will be financially responsible for the out of network/self pay rate for
those appointments.
We can provide a statement of service (SOS) to the patient for reimbursement
out-of-network, but the patient will have to submit this form to their insurance
company. We cannot do this, and do not guarantee out-of-network insurance
reimbursement of any kind.
We recommend that patients contact their insurance carrier and request instructions
for filing claims. It is the Patient’s responsibility to obtain all referrals/authorizations
required by out-of-network insurance plans.
Patients must follow up with their insurance to understand how out of network
claims will be reimbursed. The Patient or responsible party is responsible to check
with their insurance plan from time to time to ensure claims are being properly
Patients can request a statement of service with all the codes necessary to file a
claim with an insurance company by emailing
The Physicians, Clinicians, and therapists at our clinic do not accept Medicare,
Medicaid, or TennCare for office services. Some have chosen not to enroll, some
have chosen to terminate their Medicare contracts, others have opted out of the
contracts, and finally a few have specific agreements with the hospitals they work
within to care for patients with these government sponsored insurance plans but
can not see patients in the office with these plans.
All patients who have Medicare insurance policies (eligible for Medicare) must note
that our clinic may not file a claim to Medicare, Medicaid, nor TennCare for
reimbursement of the cost of medical services. Government-Sponsored insurance
plans may require and stipulate physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists, and other
clinicians to practice with specific medication formularies, and specific treatment
If a patient has these government sponsored plans, they do not have to receive
care in our clinic, they can receive care by other healthcare physicians & clinicians
who accept and work with these plans.
Finally, Medicare usually requires that Opted-out providers or Non-Medicare
providers enter into a private contract with patients in compliance with 42 U.S.C.
§1395a; 42 C.F.R. § 405, subpart D. As we are NOT Medicare providers, have not
been excluded, and have not entered into a contract with Medicare, we will not ask
a patient to enter into a private contract. Patients may file the claims to these plans
themselves following a visit in our office; for Medicare one can file using form 1490
S which can be obtained via the company that manages the government Medicare
insurance benefits. Patients may be reimbursed directly for the portion Medicare
would have paid an in-network Medicare provider; but it is important that Patients
understand that it is equally likely that these plans likely will not cover the
healthcare charges for appointments in our office, and may not cover medications,
or any diagnostic workup recommended by our physicians, clinicians, or therapists
(for example: tests, labs, MRIs ordered). Again, we cannot file the claim for
patients, as we are not contracted with these companies.
If a patient receives a charge which they believe to be invalid, our office will accept a
written notice concerning the disputed charge. We will review the dispute with supporting
evidence and respond in a timely manner.
The CHARGES for office visits are listed below. These are private pay rates for patients that do
not have insurance.
If the clinicians seen are in-network with the insurance company that covers the patient, the
office will file charges with the insurance and reductions may be granted based upon the
allowed amounts of the in our negotiated contract.
Each individual insurance has a specific contracted rate with us, so our office can not
determine the final dollar amount, specifically, a patient will pay for the visit prior to coming to
the office.
Each individual office has an assortment of different codes that the clinicians might use and
sometimes we will add codes based upon special assessments we might do if they are
medically relevant. Patients may have a copay, co-insurance and deductible for each charge.
There could be occasions when the insurance charges will exceed these private pay rates.
$745 Comprehensive Team Evaluation with Physician & Therapist (45-60 min with
therapist, assessments and then 45- 60 min with a Physician)
$645 Comprehensive Team Evaluation with Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner &
Therapist (45-60 min with therapist, assessments and then 45- 60 min with a
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner)
$495 New Patient Consultation Evaluation with a Physician (60 minutes face to
face, 30 minutes for records review)
$350 for an Interventional Consultation (TMS, Spravato, VNS, ECT, or similar)
with a Prescribing Clinician - Physician (60 minutes face to face, 30 minutes
for records review); this is not a complete evaluation, but a specific
interventional consultation
$375 for an hour follow-up session with a Physician
$250 for a 20–30-minute follow-up session with a Physician
$395 New Patient Evaluation with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (60 minutes
face to face, 30 minutes for records review)
$250 for an hour session with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
$150 for a 20–30-minute follow-up with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
$250 New Patient Evaluation with Therapist
$155 for Follow-up with Therapist, couples or families may be slightly higher,
please inquire prior to scheduling
$50 - 250 Assessments, as may be medically necessary
$50 Refills outside of office visits (see description Section 4.??)
$50 Insufficient funds charge (see description Section 4.??)
TMS & Esketamine patients will be given a separate specific financial estimate & agreement based
upon their insurance plan contracts
Physicians, Clinicians, and therapists can extend a patient's scheduled time, and if the
appointment goes beyond the originally booked time, the Physician, Clinician, or therapist
will bill for the additional time in session. This extra time may be billable to a patient's
insurance company if the clinician is in-network, but the charge may be considered a
non-insurance covered charge, particularly if a patient is seeing a therapist in the clinic.
Talk to the Physician, Clinician, and therapist specifically if there is a concern about
additional charges.
We expect that patients will provide our clinic with a credit card number which will be kept
on file with our secure vendor. This card will be used to charge the deposit, and any
outstanding balances or non-covered charges which are incurred.
While the majority of patient fees are paid for at the time of service, some charges like
emergency calls, prescription refills outside an appointment, no show charges, record
reviews, letters, consultations with outside providers, bounced checks, etc., as an example,
may occur when the patient is not available to pay.
In the event the patient incurs any charge at any time or if insurance declares a service is
not covered, non-eligible, or not necessary, the patient is responsible to pay for the
charges as published. The patient will be asked at the time of enrollment to authorize our
office to charge the patient’s or responsible parties credit card on file for the total amount
outstanding. The patient can request that another form of payment be used for these
outstanding charges.
We do not have payment plans or financing options internally. We recommend using a
credit card to finance payments to us if needed.
The Patient agrees and understands that the Not Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee ($50) will be
added to the Patient’s account for any “bounced” check.
The Patient agrees and understands that any outstanding balance over 60 days is subject
to the highest interest rate allowed by law in the State of Tennessee.
An insurance plan may determine that a service(s) provided by our physician, clinician, or
therapist is not a Covered Service, an Investigational Service, is or the service is not
considered to be Medically Necessary or Medically Appropriate. If an insurance plan
makes this determination, then the Patient will be responsible to pay for all costs
associated with the service(s), including, but not limited to, practitioner costs, facility costs,
ancillary charges, and any other related expenses. The Patient acknowledges that his/her
insurance plan may not pay for these non-covered charges or service(s) or treatment(s) and
the patient would be responsible for these.
Patient’s have the right to request reconsideration of that determination by their insurance
company, as is often described in the Member grievance section of one’s health care
benefits plan. If the patient wants the Physician, clinician, or therapist to file an appeal or
grievance, the patient may have to appoint our office as the person(s) doing this appeal or
The Patient understands that the Physician, clinician, or therapist may also request that the
Patient’s insurance plan reconsider that determination by presenting further evidence that
the referenced service(s) should be covered.
Our physicians, nurse practitioners, and therapists are highly regarded because we
work hard to get patients well. Most of their days are booked in order to help the
most patients they can. We have a 72-hour (three business-day) cancellation policy
for all appointments. If a patient misses a scheduled appointment, they will be
billed for the appointment. If the patient does not cancel within the notice period,
the patient will be obligated to pay the full fee of the service. This cancellation
policy includes virtual visits.
The Notice Period is 72 hours or 3 business days. The notice to cancel an
appointment must be received by 4:00 pm to be counted on that business day. The
late cancellation fee or missed appointment fee is not billable to insurance.
Our clinic charges for paperwork services as it takes valuable clinician time to
complete the tasks or services. Forms which patients may want or need, take time
to correctly complete. Charges for paperwork are billed at the rate of $50 per 10
Some paperwork does not have a fee:
● Simple Work and/or School Excuses, those that note that a visit occurred,
can be produced by staff after an appointment.
● Paperwork to coordinate care, notes which are authorized to be sent to other
treating clinicians or therapists.
Some paperwork has a fee, a charge which must be paid
● Prior authorizations for medication which are completed outside of an office
visit; our clinicians may prescribe necessary medication that is believed to be
the best care based upon their medical expertise, a patient’s insurance
company may still deny the medication or treatment because of its cost.
● Insurance Appeals which are completed outside of an office visit, and which
are excessive for medically necessary services which we have prescribed.
● Life and Disability Paperwork which is completed outside of an office visit.
● FMLA paperwork or similar paperwork that is completed outside of an office
● Prescribers and Therapists may charge for long letters or summaries to
collaborating care, reviewing other records, as it pertains to diagnosis and
● Electronic Communications such as texts or emails which were requested
instead of an office visit may be charged if they require medical
consideration or medical decision making which must be documented;
Physicians, Clinicians, and therapists prefer to have a visit (face to face or
virtual) to care for patients instead of Electronic Communications.
The office policy is to have all medication prescribed within a scheduled
appointment when an assessment can be made of the patient; prescribing
clinicians, generally, do not prescribe medication outside office visits.
If a patient is prescribed medication, they will be given enough medication through
the next scheduled appointment. If the appointment is rescheduled because of
unforeseen circumstances, contact the office staff to arrange for medication refills.
We will not charge for a refill if we rescheduled and caused a patient to run out of
medications. If a patient cancels an appointment, it is advised to reschedule quickly
to avoid running out of medication.
Please Do NOT wait until prescription bottles are empty or refills are expired, to
request a refill.
Contact us directly, not via the pharmacy, if the patient needs a refill of prescribed
medication, please allow 72 hours (3 business days) for a refill to be sent.
If patient’s are out of medication and are receiving care from a clinician in our clinic,
patient’s may urgently notify staff or the on-call prescriber. Urgent or Emergency
charges may apply.
Medication refills are handled during office hours.
Prescription refills outside of an office visit will be charged at the prescribing
clinician's prorated charge for the time it takes to contact the pharmacy, review the
file, document the refill, and if appropriate, check the State Controlled Substance
database. This process can take 15 or more minutes of the prescriber's time.
The standard charge for a Prescription Refill outside of an office visit is $50, the
charge may be higher if multiple pharmacy changes are necessary or a significantly
complicated situation occurs that is unexpected. This fee is not billable to
healthcare insurance companies.
Emergency Calls On-Call Physician or Clinician office line with service by the on-call
clinician will be charged to the patient; this fee is approximately $100 per 10
minutes for a phone call or video session when completed as an emergency outside
a scheduled appointment.
*The on-call clinician may be able to bill insurance for the emergency call if the
service is available in our in-network insurance contract, in this case, the on-call
clinician will make an effort to bill accordingly. In most cases, emergent or urgent
charges are not covered by insurance.
Every scenario can not be predicted. If a concern arises that we do not have a policy to
cover, our Chief Medical Officer and the physician, clinician, or therapist involved will work
together to consider all options.

Are you an existing patient?

If you are an existing patient, please complete our existing patient assessment BEFORE your follow-up appointment with your clinician.

New Patient FAQs

It's natural for new patients to have questions. So, we've compiled the answers to some of our new patients' most frequently asked questions below. Still have questions? No problem! Contact us online or give us a call at 615.224.9800.

Our clinicians are board-certified and extremely skilled and experienced in many areas of psychiatry. We treat any psychiatric disorder but the following are the ones we see most commonly: depression, treatment-resistant depression, bipolar disorders, OCD, and anxiety disorders. In the new patient evalutaion or consultation, we offer a very thorough evaluation which is the best way to determine and develop a long-term plan with you in our clinic. We collaborate with outside referring therapists and physicians when releases are given. In rare cases, we may determine, in the evaluation or ongoing care, that a particular plan exceeds the care we can offer, but if so, we provide appropriate referrals. Learn more on our Comprehensive Behavioral Medicine page.

If you are in-network with your clinician in our office, you will be responsible for your co-pay, coinsurance, and/or deductible. For specific information regarding your plan and coverage, please contact your insurance company. We require a $50 deposit to schedule your first appointment and will use it to offset any fees you will owe for your co-pay, coinsurance, and/or deductible. If a deposit balance remains after your insurance claims are processed, we will refund the balance or apply it as credit toward your next visit.

To find out if our services and/or providers are covered by your insurance plan, please contact your insurance company. Most of our clinical providers, with the exception of Ali Self, LCSW, are in-network with Aetna, BCBS/Anthem, United/Optum, and Cigna. The enrollment package you will receive upon contacting us includes more information about insurance coverage for each provider. For TMS treatments, we work very well with all insurances, including, but not limited to Tricare, Humana, Bright Health, Beacon, and others in addition to our in-network plans (Aetna, United, Optum, BCBS/Anthem, and Cigna).

Unfortunately, we do not take Medicare, Medicaid or Tenncare in the office at this point. Patients with these plans may opt to see our Nurse Practitioners as Private Pay/Out of Network. Please note if you have an Advantage plan like BCBS Advantage, that is still a Medicare Plan that we cannot accept. However, as part of a clinical trial, Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) treatment is available at NO COST to patients with Medicare in our centers. Qualified patients may even be paid for their participation. Contact us online or call us at 615.224.9800 to learn more and see if you qualify.

After we receive the completed paperwork and deposit, we are typically able to get patients in to see one of our clinicians within a week, some of the more experienced clinicians and physicians may be, at times, longer.

Some of the clinicians begin seeing patients as early as 14 years of age and up. Others only see adults.

We require a $50 deposit to secure your first appointment with us. We allot 90 minutes in the physician or clinician's schedule to review your records and do your evaluation or consultation. If your clinician is in-network with your insurance, our staff will use your deposit after your visit, to offset any co-pays and/or deductibles which you may owe after your insurance claim is processed. If a deposit balance remains after your insurance claim is processed, we will apply your deposit as a credit toward your next visit or you may request a refund for the remaining credit. If the total fees incurred are greater than the deposit amount, you will be responsible for the difference. If you are out-of-network, you will be responsible for the $50 deposit, plus the remaining balance at the time of your visit.

If you need to cancel your first appointment, please do so with more than 3 business days' notice in order to receive a full refund of your deposit. We will process your full refund the same day with proper notice. Insurance will not cover late cancellations or 'no-shows'. If you cancel the appointment late, or you do not show up for the scheduled appointment, you will owe the full amount of the visit regardless if the clinician is in-network or out-of-network. For more information, please refer to our Insurance & Payment Policies.


Physician Recommended.
Patient Preferred.

Dr. Cochran at The Neuroscience and TMS center has served as my psychiatric care physician for the past 5 years. I have made tremendous progress while seeing her. She is attentive, thorough, and professional. I refer her to everyone I know in need of psychiatric care because I trust her and her staff completely. I am very thankful to be a patient of the Neuroscience and TMS center.


This hands down is the BEST doctor’s office I've ever been to. Not just on a psychiatric level, but just a medical setting in general. I love Dr. Becker and I'm beyond grateful that I found him. He is very personable and just one of the easiest people to talk to. And the front desk is great too and that goes a long way! So yes, 5 stars! I recommend this to anyone who needs to find a good and relaxed environment for psychiatry.


Mary is wonderful. She understands my medical condition and truly cares. She listens and comforts you in time of need. She is a true human being and doesn’t treat you like a number. She is very professional and knows her stuff.


Ali was amazing. We have searched for help for years for our son. It was nice for her to listen but then give great advice!! We are in the process of implementing her parenting plan and It is not easy but we can already see a difference!!


This was a great treatment for me. I have completed TMS therapy numerous times b/c I keep getting better and better. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and was steered towards TMS and it has helped me tremendously…This team knows what they are doing and I’m happy I had the opportunity to do this.


The staff are 100% committed to the clients’ health and well-being. They find solutions tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. If I could leave 10 stars, I would. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Everyone from Dr. Becker on down has done an outstanding job. Professional and caring that is hard to find in medicine today and you guys provide both!! And, Emily is a real gem as the TMS tech.



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