We can help find your path to wellness

We can help find your path to wellness

We can help find your path to wellnessWe can help find your path to wellness
path towards depression treatment

...with treatments for depression including medication, therapy, TMS & other evidence-based care. 



When you choose our offices, you are choosing experienced clinicians who use a methodical initial assessment, many assessments and any depression treatments, including TMS, to get you well.  We work with you to build a healthier you.  Come put clinical depression and anxiety behind you.

TMS Treatment


Since 2011, we have been offering TMS as one of many depression treatments in our offices. We use our experience to train other clinicians world-wide on the use of TMS for clinical depression as part of the Clinical TMS Society's PULSES workshop. 

Evidence-based Care


Our experienced clinicians are excited to provide evidence-based mental health services by board certified clinicians.  We spend the time and provide the attention you need to get you well.  We strive to work with you to get you well so you can celebrate your recovery.  

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We wrote the book! Dr Cochran & Lauren Valencia, LCSW, wrote the Online TMS specific workbook, Train Your Brain:  Your Record of Care with TMS Therapy,