August 2019

Feedback about PULSES course

Dr. Cochran was humbled to read this post from The Clinical TMS Society’s (CTMSS) website recently:  Nikki Santiago and Shari Paulson, TMS technicians who attended the PULSES course in San Francisco in May 2019, recently wrote this in the CTMSS online newsletter.  “At the PULSES course…, we participated in training that ranged from the science

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Bio Dr. Cochran – July 2019

Lauren Valencia, Professor Tony Barker, and Dr. Michelle Cochran in London in July 2019 in front of a statue of Michael Faraday the scientist that discovered key electromagnetic principles which are used in TMS therapy. Michelle R. M. Cochran MD, DFAPA currently works in private practice in Nashville & Brentwood in both NeuroScience & TMS

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