March 2019

Dr. Cochran awarded the CTMSS President’s Award

Dr. Cochran was awarded the president’s award for The Clinical TMS Society at the annual meeting in Vancouver, BC – February 2019.  The award was given to Dr. Cochran to recognize the efforts for the personal effort she gives to CTMSS.

PULSES February 2019

Dr Cochran and Lauren Valencia, LCSW were both faculty at the PULSES – two day conference that proceeded the Clinical TMS Society’s annual meeting in February 2019.  Both are passionate about teaching clinicians and technicians how to optimize TMS for patient outcomes.

Dr. Cochran speaking in Vancouver BC February 2019

PULSES is an international TMS training event held 4 times per year in locations around the world.  It has become the standard training course for TMS doctors across the US and internationally, produced by the Clinical TMS Society and originally developed under Dr. Cochran’s leadership. The last event was in beautiful Vancouver, Britsh Columbia where both Dr. Cochran and Lauren Valencia …

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