by Ali T. Self, LMSW So, how are you doing out there?  We are living in an unprecedented time.  It is very weird and wild.  Tornadoes and then SARS-CoV2.  Whether you are on the front lines of the hospital, grocery stores or isolated at home, it is NOT easy.  As the physical isolation continues, it is vital to

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The Right Spot

At the start of each TMS Treatment course, the standard of care is for the prescribing physician to locate the treatment location and complete an initial motor threshold or strength of the TMS device needed for adequate effective treatment.  In this image, Dr. Cochran and Professor Tony Barker are demonstrating the Beam F3 and the

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Suicide Prevention Week

National Suicide Prevention Week begins today! We invite you to join AFSP in bringing awareness to several key areas that can help save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide. Each day this week, we encourage you to share targeted messages about AFSP’s public policy priorities and encourage others to take action with you.

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