July 2019

Lecturing in London, UK

Lauren Valencia, LCSW and Dr. Cochran traveled to the United Kingdom over the July 4th holiday.  Lauren’s lecture was was delightful and poised and a highlight of the pre-conference workshop called “TMS 101” for technician.  The conference will be held next in Colorado Springs, Colorado in November 2019 before or immediately following Stephen Stahl’s NEI

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From Dr. Cochran, “A colleague of mine, says frequently, ‘if not for Mr Faraday’ there would be no TMS.  While in London, UK in February 2018, I had opportunity to visit The Royal Institute which houses the original lab which self-taught scientist, Michael Faraday used in his experiments.  I was able to see the original

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We wrote the book!

Dr Cochran is announced the full launch of TMS Workbook in April 2019. Train Your Brain Your record of care with transcranial magnetic stimulation Written by Dr. Cochran and her team, this workbook, now offered online as an program helps improve outcomes.  Per the website: “This program and its modules will help patients by providing: a standardized, consistent program of providing and

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Five Reasons to pick our office!

While attending the recent International Conference,  Dr. Cochran was asked, “what are you doing to get your remissions rates so high?” After a long pause, she responded, “Good clinical care with TMS” “Good clinical care” seems obvious, but in reality is inefficient, less profitable, and requires a level of attention that, quite frankly, not many

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