Original magnet used in Faraday’s experiments

From Dr. Cochran,

“A colleague of mine, says frequently, ‘if not for Mr Faraday’ there would be no TMS.  While in London, UK in February 2018, I had opportunity to visit The Royal Institute which houses the original lab which self-taught scientist, Michael Faraday used in his experiments.  I was able to see the original electromagnet used in Faraday’s studies of Electromagnetic energy.- shown in this photo.

I am excited to revisit the museum with some fellow colleagues this coming week while in London again for a PULSES lecture at the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).  I will be speaking with my colleagues, Professor Anthony “Tony” Barker, Dr Linda Carpenter, my co-chair Dr Suzanne Kerns, Dr Randy Pardell, Dr Richard Pitch, Dr. Todd Hutton, Dr Mohamed Abdelghani, Dr. Brian Smith, Dr. Robert Sammons, and Lauren Valencia LCSW.  I often think, yes, if not for Mr. Faraday, we wouldn’t understand electromagnetism, but the reality, if not for my colleague Professor Tony Barker, there would be no TMS clinically for patients.  Thank you Tony for developing the first stimulator and taking the leap to stimulate over the brain!

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