Which heuristic should a clinician use?

Dr Cochran and Dr. Kerns (seated) demonstrate heuristics for placement of TMS coils

Dr Cochran and Dr. Kerns demonstrated heuristics for placement of TMS Coils including the BEAM and a modified BEAM methods while at the LONDON, UK PULSES course on July 5th & 6th.  This course educates clinicians who are wanting to learn about TMS for use with psychiatric conditions. The most current published clinical consensus recommends using F3 to place the coil for Depression when stereotaxic positioning is not practical or is not feasible (most of clinical practice).  Hopefully, new research studying the heuristics and challenging standard placement of the coils will help patient outcomes.

There is a video of these methods on the web-based workbook for patients called Train Your Brain: Your record of care with TMS.  It is free for clinicians to register and use, https://tmsworkbook.com/

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