MDMA is getting closer to a reality for the treatment of PTSD

In Small Phase III (three) study, one of the final steps before medication gets approval for use with patients, MDMA-Assisted psychotherapy treatment appears safe and effective in the treatment of patients with PTSD symptoms, according to these three news reports last week.  

The New York Times (9/14) noted that the investigators in this Phase III trial reported, “MDMA-assisted therapy [seemed] effective in [the reduction of the] symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder” (PTSD).

MedPage Today (9/14) reported, “MDMA-assisted psychotherapy proved safe and effective in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in a diverse patient population, according to findings from the phase III randomized MAPP2 trial.”

According to HealthDay (9/14), in the 52-patient clinical trial, “researchers found that three months of talk therapy, assisted by carefully monitored doses of ecstasy (MDMA), worked significantly better than therapy alone.” The findings were published online in the journal Nature Medicine.

This blogpost is a reworked version of the Blogpost by the American Psychiatric Association.  

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Blog Post Authors 

Michelle Cochran, MD, DFAPA

Founder & Chief Medical Officer • Medical Director, Nashville Locations

Dr. Cochran has been living and working in the Nashville area for over 25 years. She supervises the skilled Nurse Practitioners who work in our clinics. She has been offering TMS services since 2011 and lectures and consults nationally and internationally about TMS. She is Board Certified and is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Learn more about Dr. Cochran.


Jonathan Becker, DO

Medical Director, Brentwood Locations

Dr. Becker is a native of Tennessee, born in Memphis. He completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Developmental Psychology at Tulane University in New Orleans before attending Des Moines University for Medical School. He completed his psychiatry residency program at Vanderbilt University and served as a faculty member there for 7 years before transitioning to our office. While at Vanderbilt, Dr. Becker served as the medical director of the neuromodulation service from 2017-2020. Dr. Becker has also published many psychiatric articles. Learn more about Dr. Becker.

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