New Year, New Services

2020 is here and with the new year and all the hope of a new decade, we wanted to announce new services offered through our clinics.

In the NEW Brentwood Clinic, we now will have some new faces.  We are now offering therapy services with experienced in house therapists; we are training our new TMS Technician, and we are recruiting a new clinician (more details to come as we finalize our contracts).

In the Nashville Clinic, we are offering a new treatment with an alternative TMS Device.  We historically have offered TMS treatments with NeuroStar TMS Therapy and still use this device regularly, but now we have added MagVenture’s MagPro to our devices as of late 2019.  This newest device gives us the ability to offer Theta Burst protocols when patients fail to receive benefit from the standard protocols.  Theta Burst is a promising new protocol which treats quickly (3-4 min) vs the standard protocols (19+ minutes).  This newer protocol was FDA cleared with MagVenture in late 2018 based on the largest TMS study to date with a MagVenture coil/stimulator (Blumberger et al. 2018).  Expert opinion is that it can be used as an alternative to the standard protocol when the prescribing physician believes it is appropriate (Chen et al. 2019).

Call us to learn more about TMS, (615) 224-9800TMS therapy is ideal for patients:  1) who have failed a  medication, 2) who cannot tolerate medication, or 3) for whom conventional therapy has not worked.

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