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PULSES February 2019

Dr Cochran and Lauren Valencia, LCSW were both faculty at the PULSES – two day conference that proceeded the Clinical TMS Society’s annual meeting in February 2019.  Both are passionate about teaching clinicians and technicians how to optimize TMS for patient outcomes.

Research published in Brain Stimulation Journal

Our summer 2018, and winter 2019 interns from Centre College, produced a poster presentation for the poster section of the International Brain Stimulation Conference. This conference was held immediately following the Clinical TMS Annual meeting also in Vancouver, BC. We were very proud to present the poster at both of these organization’s annual meetings. Each […]

Dr. Cochran speaking in Vancouver BC February 2019

PULSES is an international TMS training event held 4 times per year in locations around the world.  It has become the standard training course for TMS doctors across the US and internationally, produced by the Clinical TMS Society and originally developed under Dr. Cochran’s leadership. The last event was in beautiful Vancouver, Britsh Columbia where both Dr. Cochran and Lauren Valencia […]

Visiting with other TMS doctors

Over the years, since becoming part of the Clinical TMS Society, Dr Cochran has met lots of like-minded colleagues.  This group of fellow Board members in the CTMSS met on the Sunday following the organization’s annual meeting (and proceeding the Brain Stimulation meeting) to spend the day touring north of Vancouver, BC.  Whistler and Blackcomb […]

Poster Session – February 2019

Dedicated to her clinical work, Dr. Cochran couldn’t resist the opportunity to explore her inner-research self.  This poster was well received and could hopefully queue up much larger research projects that will improve the accuracy of how TMS is delivered. Dr. Cochran identified a gap in the TMS research vs actual industry/clinical practice. This poster, developed by Dr. Cochran her team and some […]

TMS Course in Orlando, Florida

Dr. Cochran chaired the Clinical TMS Society PULSES course held this past Monday, November 12th in Orlando following the Dr. Stephen Stahl’s NEI conference.  Susan Swanson-Moore (NP in the Brentwood NeuroScience and TMS Treatment Center) and Kelly Anderson (NP at Nashville Center for Hope & Healing) both attended the conference to learn about TMS and […]

Suicide Prevention Week

National Suicide Prevention Week begins today! We invite you to join AFSP in bringing awareness to several key areas that can help save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide. Each day this week, we encourage you to share targeted messages about AFSP’s public policy priorities and encourage others to take action with you. […]

What a great group to work with!

After the NY CTMSS meeting, we were able to get a group photo of the Annual Committee:  Dr. Michelle Cochran, Executive Director-Marcel Bourdase, Paige Hutton, Dr. Todd Hutton, Jay Gunkelman, Dr. Linda Carpenter, and Dr. Richard “Rick” Pitch.

Dr Saxby Pridmore

Dr Cochran had the opportunity to meet Dr. Saxby Pridmore of Tasmania during the Brain Stimulation conference in Barcelona in 2017.  During conversations with he and his lovely wife, Dr. Cochran was able to invite Dr. Pridmore to speak in New York for the 2018 CTMSS meeting.  Dr. Pridmore gave the opening lecture for the […]

2018 APA meeting

Dr Cochran spoke at the American Psychiatric Association meeting in NY with other colleagues on May 6th (Drs Bermudes, Pitch, and Saunders).   Their lecture, entitled “Innovations in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Well-Being”, was attended by approximately a 100 Psychiatrists. This next weekend she will speak at the Clinical TMS Society meeting in New York […]

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